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In my way of life I am experiencing so many different situation. I want to share these experience with everybody. Welcome everyone to read my views.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I am thinking for a little while now about the things heapening here around me.people are dying only to elect a nutral caretaker gpovt,Parties throwing destractive massage to one another,educational institutions are locked due to political clash,the economy of the country is remain stndstill only for political reasons.I dont know why this are heapening and what is the reason behind all theses.
From my chiodhood i have been dreaming to have a democratic country which will reflect all the needs and demand of yhe people.

Now all my dreams are destroyed by the so called politician who think themselves as true patriot.

I dont no why. Do You?


I am thinking for a little while now about the things heapening here around me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What is love?

I am really thinking about this matter for a while now.But i am not yet having the appropriate answer.Therer are a lot of people around me who really think love is every thing,love is life.There are also a lot of people who don't like to think about love.

A great number of people have expressed there views about it in literature,in musics and also in darma.But i don't think that any of them successfully defined it!!!!!!!! Please don't think that i am underestimating their ability but i am saying that it is really impossible to define love to its true sense.

Is love is walking in the streets in the rainy day with fruends or is it simply chatting with boy or gril friends?One of my friend think love is to have nice cigare,another of them think it is playing a nice tone in his guitre.... and so on..................

I tkink there is no defenite defination about love.But it exits every where.The days ,moments,
waek,month,year all are passing with the touch of love for everyone and at everywhere.

If u want to share ur view please mail me at ahmedasif2003@yahoo.com

Never forget to love yours dear ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

My friendss

My friends are really making my life wonderful! Now i bealive life is really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do u think?

Hopeless Futuer

Here in bangladeash people like us have no hope.Now i am doing a student of B.B.A.I always hope to have a great future but i m not having any sign of hope.The political clash of our country make me frustrated about my future.I dont know by when i can finish my B.B.A. course as there is an ellection comming.

Life is really fraustrating for me.Every day i waeak up from my bed with a lot of anxiety and my days always finishes without having a good news.

I always think will there be a day when every one of my country will have a carefree life?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Slapping

A few days ago I was on the way to “New Market”. On the way I was stacked at traffic jam. There was a rickshaw in front of mine with two girls. All of a sudden a boy of 16 appeared in the scene. To my utter surprise I saw him putting his hand on the back of the ladies rickshaw. They were surprised but had nothing to do. I could not resist my attention to give the culprit a lesson. I got off my rickshaw and gave a loud slap to that boy with all my satisfaction.

I think this kind of incident is very much rampant in our country. I think we all should come forward to protect these heinous acts.

Back Again

After a long interval I am writing blog again. I am now felling the urge to share the views and thoughts with the bloggers. Thinking this will give a nice opportunity to have some nice comments. I m expecting some nice moments with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
So the game on!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

what is their mistake?
few days ago, i sow on the newspaper that 7 deadbody of human child was found in the dustbin. i know the r the result of some illigel sex relation, but the babe did no mistke. The have their right to live in the nice world. This kind of inhuman activity should be stopped and the guilty should be punished,because we want to live in a better world.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Thinking positively is an art
From the very beganing of my versity life i am thinking about my future.As i am becoming frustated about my life before i have got a some wonderfl advice of my teacher mr.mamun. he told me many thing about future .The core concept of success, according to him is to thin with a positive view about life.lots of thinks and and ways are open for every man.He says, i have to remember two basic thing.The first one is,there is nothing on the world which goes unpaid, either it is good or bed. The second thing is every thing is gudged according to its intention. After having this words, i have started to thinking positively about the world and myself. I will tell youmore about this matter another day.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Father's Day
some of my friends wish their father and express their fellings to thir father on the father's day, few days ago. From that time,one thing come to my mind that,is it the right way to express love and affection to father?I thing,if any one loves his/her father he obviously love him throughout the whole year.so,there is no need to observe a day to express love or fellings.